During the April 2017 event, teams created solutions for one of the five conservation challenges:

1) Maximizing Food, Minimizing Catch? Tackling Overfishing, Wastage, and Market Inefficiencies in Our Seafood Systems. Find ways for small-scale fishers and/or buyers to “recapture” this lost fish with solutions that address the lack of fisheries data, cold storage options and market access. 

2) Tracking of Movement of Small Animals in Forest Ecosystems: The Search for a Flexible, Affordable, and Effective Solution. This challenge seeks flexible, field-ready solutions that enable ecosystem-wide and simultaneous tracking of multiple individuals of several small vertebrate species in dense forest ecosystems and that collects and integrates data on why, where, how and when animals move throughout ecosystems.

3) Ecosystem Services: The Nature We Need. Develop solutions that will measure ecosystem services consistently across large areas, measure the cultural and spiritual value of ecosystems, and connect people with ecosystem services.

4) City Limits: Halting the Entry and Spread of Invasive Species. The challenge seeks innovative approaches for the early detection of and the rapid response to invasive species introduced through ports of entry in urban environments.

5) Prevent plastic from becoming marine debris in the oceans. The challenge is to stop the flow of plastic waste to the ocean in key, top-polluting locations (China, Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand, and Vietnam).

What is your conservation challenge? 

We plan on hosting more Make for the Planet events in the future. What is your greatest conservation challenge? What do you want to see solved? Please submit your suggestions below. 

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