Stephanie Santoso


From 2014-2016 , Stephanie served as the first-ever Senior Advisor for Making at the White House, where she helped develop President Obama’s Nation of Makers initiative, to broaden access to the Maker Movement. This included planning the first-ever White House Maker Faire and the National Week of Making.

As Senior Advisor for Making, she worked closely with federal agencies, mayors, maker spaces, libraries, museums, companies foundations and others to develop activities and programs that: create more opportunities for students to engage in science, technology, engineering, math and the arts through making; support Makers who want to become entrepreneurs; foster domestic manufacturing capabilities; and facilitate local, community-based problem solving. 

Stephanie is currently working with the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation and Infosys Foundation USA to develop initiatives to support Makers with innovative solutions to challenging problems and create more opportunities for students to engage in Making. Another way she’s actively working with the Maker community and innovators is by serving as a founding Board Member of Nation of Makers, a national non-profit focused on supporting more than 350 maker spaces and maker organizations. Stephanie is also on the advisory council for California Community Colleges CCC Maker initiative.

As a Maker, she is an avid sewer, have been experimenting with wearable electronics and tinker with 3D printing. 

She’s also currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Information Science at Cornell University.