Alix Grabowski Bio Photo.jpg

Alix Grabowski

Senior Program Officer, Packaging and Material Science

Sustainability Research & Development, World Wildlife Fund

Alix Grabowski’s work with WWF covers all aspects of packaging and material sustainability concerns, including bioplastics and biomaterials. She endorses using a systems approach to packaging and material decisions, balancing all impacts and tradeoffs to achieve real environmental benefits.

Alix supports WWF’s engagement with the Trash Free Seas Alliance, and provides technical expertise on tackling such issues as waste management solutions to prevent plastic waste from entering the oceans. Other aspects of her work include using LCA as a tool to drive improvement of environmental performance across supply chains, and advising the private sector to set smart, impactful packaging goals.

Alix holds a BS and MS in Packaging from Michigan State University, where her graduate studies focused on Life Cycle Inventory Data Quality for Bioplastic Feedstocks.