Restoring Reefs Everywhere: Scalable design innovations to restore coral reefs

Presented by Tom Moore, Coral Reef Restoration Team Lead, NOAA Restoration Center

photo credit: Jessica Levy


Transforming Traceability: Incentivizing catch documentation for global fisheries stability

Presented by Marc-Olivier Roux, The Oceans and Fisheries Partnership, USAID


Reducing Ghost Gear

Presented by Dr. Andrew Thaler, CEO, Blackbeard Biologic: Science and Environmental Advisors. Co-authored by Jake Levenson and Jamison Smith

photo credit: Jorge Vasconez, Unsplash.com


Beat Plastic Pollution

Presented by: Professor Aileen Tan Shau-Hwai & Dr. Muhammad Hafiz bin Wan Rosli, Universiti Sains Malaysia


Rethinking, reframing, re-imagining the idea of ocean conservation: Marine Protected Areas to ensure a vibrant future

Presented by: Dr. Jane Lubchenco, University Distinguished Professor and Marine Studies Advisor to the President, Oregon State University

photo credit: Leon Seierlein, Unsplash.com