Make for the planet Borneo


Fifteen teams created solutions in response to challenging marine conservation problems in front of a global audience at the 5th International Marine Conservation Congress (IMCC5) in Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia June 24-29, 2018! 

Make for the Planet is a team competition/hackathon to create hardware and/or software solutions to specific conservation challenges. Teams work to solve global conservation challenges through creative and transformative solutions that harness emerging science and technology, entrepreneurship, and design.

See the solutions here!

Team PRIZEs & benefits

Four teams won cash prizes with a prize purse of $10,000 USD

Seeed Studios

Seeed provided on-site tech support and donated products for teams

MakerBay 6-month hot bench membership

One team received a 6-month hot bench membership to Maker Bay in Hong Kong

Mr. D.I.Y

Mr. D.I.Y. donated vouchers to buy materials from their store, up to 100 Malaysian Ringit per team!


Proteus 3D printer

One team received a Proteus 3D printer. Proteus is based in Kuching. 

Shenzhen Open Innovation Lab

All participating teams will receive at least one consulting session from Shenzhen Open Innovation Lab (SZOIL) to continue to refine their prototypes and solutions after Make for the Planet.


Process diagram of Make for the Planet Borneo.