The Event: Make for the planet Borneo


Help create solutions to challenging marine conservation problems in front of a global audience at the 5th International Marine Conservation Congress (IMCC5) in Sarawak, Malaysia June 24-29, 2018! Up to 15 Multidisciplinary teams of 4 will compete in an on-site event called Make for the Planet over the duration of the IMCC5 conference.  

Make for the Planet is a team competition/hackathon to create hardware and/or software solutions to specific conservation challenges. Teams work to solve global conservation challenges through creative and transformative solutions that harness emerging science and technology, entrepreneurship, and design.

Read about the Washington D.C. Make for the Planet during the Smithsonian's Earth Optimism Summit in April, 2017.

Fifteen teams will work over 3 days at IMCC5 in a pop-up Makerspace to create solutions to Five challenges 

Team PRIZEs & benefits


we have reached capacity for team participation